Correct Fender Placements Can Save You $$$$

The first step to tying a fender is to make sure your fender is not in the water otherwise they will get barnacles or other types of sea growth. This is a pain to clean, especially if the covers are on the fender. Tap the water with the fender and make sure you see the ripples and then pull the fender up just a few inches. The next step is to hold the line tight and make sure there is one wrap around the railing. Pinch the line just on top of the railing, come around the bottom of the railing, back through the loop, and pull tight. Leave the loop for easy access. To check the line, pull the side of the line that has the fender. Make sure everything is tight and bounce the fender a few times to check if there are any ripples in the water. Ripples in the water indicates the fender is touching the water and needs to be pulled up a few more inches. 

Click this link for a full in depth tutorial: