Get the Most Out of Your Boat Polish

Growing up as the son of a yacht captain it is safe to say that I have polished my fair share of metal. I was put to work polishing metal at a young age, around 8-years old. My father passed down a method for metal polishing that I have never deviated from. Keeping your boats metal in great shape is absolutely imperative to ensuring you have the highest possible resale value once you decide to part with your boat. I will go into the simple but stand out process for making the metal on your boat shine and most importantly stay in great shape overtime. 

Products: Flitz metal polish, collinite metal wax, box of rags, and microfiber rags.

Step 1: Take a rag and apply the Flitz metal polish to the selected metal area. You will want to rub the polish in and make sure you are getting all of the effected area. My suggestion is to polish 6" squares so you do not miss any of the metal area. 

Step 2: Take a separate rag and rub the existing polish off. Your rag will more than likely be surprising dirty. 

Step 3: Take another rag (rag #3) and rub the area down once again. Ensuring you have removed all of the metal polish. 

Step 4: Finally, run a microfiber rag over the metal to bring out the perfect shine in your boats metal. 

**Repeat step 1-3 until the area has been successfully polished**

Now for the most important part. How to make sure that you aren't polishing the same metal again next week. 

Step 1: Take the collinite metal wax and drop a quarter size amount into a rag. Make sure to coat the metal evenly and rub in a generous amount. You should see this wax become slightly cloudy when left on around 1 to 5 minutes, depending on heat and humidity. 

Step 2: Remove the collinite metal wax with a rag. Make sure to get all of the wax off of the metal. 

Step 3: Polish the metal with a microfiber rag and give a good look into the metal. You should see a great big reflection... and hopefully a smile.