How do I get Boating Insurance Without a Full Time Captain?

If you are new to yachting or going up in vessel size, getting insured can be costly and confusing. Many insurance companies require you to have a full-time captain on the insurance for a year before sign off. There are a few disadvantages with this situation. 

Number 1: 

Having a full-time captain on payroll is costly. 

Number 2:

You are not independent on the water, and you have to rely on a captain to go anywhere/do anything for at least a year. 

Number 3: 

Not all captains are qualified to train you on your vessel. There is no guarantee that full training covering bow to stern has been completed during the year of captain requirement. 

So now you have two options: Hire a captain full-time or be stuck with no idea how to operate your new boat. 

We are here to provide you with a possible alternative and hopefully a better solution to this conundrum. Hands on boat training with a licensed captain and assistance with getting the full time captain requirement waived for your insurance. 

In the past, we have been successful with getting most of our clients insured and waiving the full-time captain requirement post completion of our owner/operator training course. While this is not something we can 100% guarantee, it is always worth it to give us a call. In the end you will save money, as well as, receive on the water boat training from a professional captain from the number 1 training program in Florida. We train our clients using a standardized syllabus that is approved by NASBLA, FWC, and the US Coast Guard.