Prevent Corrosion on your Boat

An important factor in maintaining your boat's pristine appearance, functional integrity, most importantly resale value is the prevention of corrosion. Underwater metal parts such as props, shafts, and outdrives, are subject to immense amounts of corrosion over time.  Proper coatings and Zinc's greatly reduce the risk of corrosion when integrated into an active corrosion management plan. 

Products such as Corrosion Block, prevent Galvanic Corrosion. This type of corrosion occurs when dissimilar metals that are connected to each other are all in contact with saltwater. Lanocote Corrosion Inhibitor is another great product that keeps dissimilar metal parts from reacting galvanically. 

Zinc corrosion prevention products offer a unique form of protection as it  activates in low and high temperatures. Pettit Zinc Coat Barnacle Barrier Spray and Assembly Lube are excellent choices for this type of protection. 

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