The Importance of Boating Education

Boating is one of the oldest forms of travel. Until modern air travel boating was the only way to reach distant lands for trade. It is obvious why boating is and forever will be a popular industry. Beautiful water, sunshine, and great memories are just some of the few key reasons to own a boat. 

The increase in horsepower of engines on boats has lead to faster and harder to control boats. In fact, boating is one of the last transportation industries that you do not need a license to operate your own vehicle. You need a license to drive a car, a license to fly a plane, a license to scuba dive, a license to hunt, and even a license to fish. 

Boating is one of the most peaceful and enjoyable activates you partake in on the water. Besides all of the good boating has to offer, boating can be dangerous, even life threatening. Boat training needs to be normalized. It is our responsibility as boat owners and operators to keep our fellow boaters and water enthusiasts safe. 

At the Helm Training is working to teach the practical skills that boat owners need. This leads to safer and more enjoyable boating for everyone on the water.