Personalized Boat Training Course

At the Helm Training: Boat Training Course

At The Helm Training provides private or family group personalized boat safety courses taught by our team of experienced, expert, and personable instructors who specialize in guiding novice and seasoned boaters into safe, competent, knowledgeable, and confident marine enthusiasts and boat handlers.

Our course is specifically oriented towards husband/wife/family owner-operators and is designed and intended to provide a calm, stress-free systematic approach to training. At The Helm Training will make you a safer, more competent boater and enhance your onboard experiences for you, your family, and friends.

Every trainer has many years of experience as a professional captain and combined with our systematic training method, these resources will serve to improve the safety and confidence of those looking to enjoy the water.

The comprehensive syllabus we formed includes topics such as mechanical systems, personal and vessel safety, trip planning and preparation, communication protocols, situational awareness, vessel physics, maneuvering, docking and anchoring.

Our course is not intended as a preparation for captains licensing, rather for new or experienced boaters moving up in size, type, or complexity of vessel. Our vision is to expand our network of captains/trainers nationwide, as boating safety is a nationwide issue. 

Training Course subjects:

At the Helm Training: Course Subjects

    Boat Delivery

    At the Helm Training: Boat Delivery Service

    At The Helm delivers your vessel from any location to anywhere in the United States, at a straightforward price in a timely, professional and safe manner.

    We take the pride in delivering your boat or yacht in excellent condition to the destination of your choice, ready to be sailed by you or your customer.

    Whether it is a commercial boat delivery or if you want your private yacht to be sailed to your holiday destination, we offer you a top-notch professional service at a fair price.

    The customer who is requesting the boat delivery also has the option to be involved in the process by joining the captain on board to the desired destination. For no additional cost, the captain will provide the customer with an operational training course throughout the delivery process to brief the owner on basic maneuvering while aboard the boat. The owner of the boat later has an additional option in which he/she can take our safety/training course the day after the delivery.